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I'm kind of sad that I'm abandoning tumblr, but this site has so much potential and I really want it to do well.

Anyways I'm Chancey, I used to have 3000 followers on tumblr (stupid flex but ok) so I made a blog dedicated to sharing smaller artists and fostering a creative, supportive community @introvertartstudent. I'll be doing that here as well! So as always, feel free to submit things or tag me in your art and I'll feature it on this blog. This includes music, photography, fiber work, writing, oc's,fanart, sculpture, traditional and digital art, ball jointed dolls,etc..

I don't do ince/st, r/ape, etc. If you need something tagged, please let me know I'll try my best. I know there isn't a black list feature yet but I can work around some things

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Theafonneir + Indroduction

Heyo! Name's Grincubus tho y'all can call me Grin for short. I'm a gray-pan peep who is also trans-masc nonbinary. I'm also a digital artist who loves fantasy and sci-fi things, and my favorite part of those is making characters. Lots.... and lots.... of characters. Found this site through Twitter and thought I'd give it a shot; looking forward to posting my gay af OCs and making new friends!!

Anyhow, onto the character. She's my most recent character; her name is Theafonneir (Thea for short) and she's a dragon gal! The description for her is kinda lengthy tho I'll put it in a "Read More" in case any of y'all are curious (it's copied over from my DeviantArt since I'm a lazy binch when it comes to rewriting stuff).

Also, if anyone wants to find my art/social media in other places... here's a list! DeviantArt - Twitter - Instagram (kinda dead)

I love both scary eldritch-type monsters and the 'sexier' types you'll find amongst monster guys and girls... so it was only a matter of time before I made an edgy dragon girl gf I mentioned in the Wyrmidon post I made on DA ( that I was gonna be 'borrowing' some elements from it into a project I was working on... well, this is it. I mainly reused the weird vent things and general shape of the chitinous plates in the tail and whatnot.

I was actually heavily inspired by B-F-T-A and MuHut on DeviantArt; they both have SUPER awesome monster girl designs so I really suggest you check them out if you're into that sort of thing!!!

Anywho, onto the character. Her name is Theafonneir and she's a... well... dragon. I haven't decided the name or all the specifics yet but her species is a rare one. Instead of having two individuals mate, each one is born when a volcano has a super-powerful eruption. One volcano in particular is where they usually spawn from, and the volcano produces the needed eruption only every 10,000 years , give or take. Once it does, though, after the main blast subsides will they emerge fully formed. This dragon species is known for their legendary toughness; they are unmatched in pure physical strength and their mastery over fire magic as well as their extremely tough hide makes them a very fierce opponent. Fortunately they have very little interest in anything or anyone that roams outside the scorched lands they call home... though it's said that if you pay the right price you can get them to leave their fiery abode and accompany you for whatever you wish.

***Other misc. facts about the species: -Their skin is safe enough to touch without getting burnt. Their insides, however, have temperatures that reach the level of the lava that they burst from. This allows them protection from poisons and venom that other creatures might use (since it would essentially be vaporized before any real harm was done) as well as most diseases. Usually the most effective way to weaken them is to find a way to cool their body temperature significantly. -Their diets, however, are limited to nutrient rich rocks/minerals as well as a few select species of lesser flame-based dragons, since most other food would be too charred before it reached their stomach. -While they have very little interest in anything that's outside of their territory, they are extremely aggressive to anything - or anyone - within it. The volcano that produces them sits in a vast range of scorched and barren earth. The creatures here are tough, which they will also happily hunt. -The yellow bumps on their skin are actually a gemstone that forms when their skin comes in contact with the lava that they occasionally bath in. They form randomly and pop off without harm to the dragon they're growing on. -They are very long-lived, having an average lifespan of 9-10,000 years. Legends say that some may have even lived to hundreds of thousands of years, but there's no concrete evidence for that.

***Misc. facts about Theafonneir: -Thea is relatively young; the volcanic eruption that birthed her occurred less than a century ago. -Thea is currently the only member of her species alive. The previous one died of old age when she was 54 years old. -Unlike most of the other dragons of her type, she has a slightly peaked interest in what the world is like outside of her lands though she has yet to find an actual reason to leave. -Thea can be quite lazy when not hunting. -Theafonneir's name is heat and inferno scrambled up and mashed together because I'm an uncreative binch

This is all kind of a WIP since I never really intended to have too much lore when making her, admittedly.... I still like how she turned out!! May draw what she'd look like as 100% dragon at some point but idk